Klar’s experience and capabilities with branding, photography, stage design, lighting design, concerts, live events, and sound design can take your concepts and make them look as good as possible. We can assist you in your ideas, providing resources and expertise you need to make your ideas a strategic reality.
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As a producer in the management of your project, we oversee your production, account, and client relations. Along with you and one of our Producers, we define the scope of work and determine the plan of action for your project. From there, we develop and manage overall budget, production schedule, project documentation, creative teams, contractors, vendors, and any, and all hidden details of the project.
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Klar takes your abstract ideas and turns them into a tangible project. We clarify your vision by taking your values and turning them into realistic goals. Bringing clarity through simplicity, together we can reach your goals.
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Just as important as having a social media presence is having your own home on the web. Klar provides this home for you by creating and designing your website and/or mobile app to be responsive and communicate effectively with your audience.
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Here, at Klar, we take your ideas to create precise content and provide a platform for it to be displayed. We help you to create social media accounts to post on platforms, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, or even newer ones like Beme. We also assist in the content creation of blogposts, news, e-books, and websites.
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Klar’s abilities in artist management includes: booking, website management, inquiries, internet strategies, promoter, booking, consulting, career strategies, publicity promotions, media relations, internet strategies, photography, website, press kit, etc. We can take your raw talent, and give you the consultation, connections, and the platform to make you successful.
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